Listing Number
Type of Business
food and beverage importer and distributor in POLAND
Company Address
Torunska 39F, 86-050 Solec Kujawski
Phone Number
+48 51 010 ****
Fax Number
+48 52 3871699
Company Introduction - Description / Brands / Products

DrinksRaw materials, reagents and additives Other additives Technology, concepts and services for the food service and catering marketKitchen technology Workbenches Baking systems and accessories Ovens Bain Maries Working clothing Frying, grilling and griddle plates Sausage fryers Cook-chill technology Cook-freeze technology Steam machines Dosing apparatus Stainless steel furniture Ice cream machines Ice machines Fast-food systems and equipment Meat processing machines and equipment Deep-fat fryers Cooking machinery Gastronorm containers Barbecues Large-scale cooking equipment Large-scale kitchen equipment Large-scale food processors and devices Hot-air steamers Stoves Systems and facilities for snack bars Induction technology Cooking accessories and utensils Combination steamers Storage technology Microwaves Pizza ovens Smoking devices Shelving systems Roasters Cream machines Peeling and slicing machines Scales Waffle irons Frying oil filters Distribution systems/table and serving equipment Banquet systems Containers Buffet systems Dispensers Disposable cups/cutlery/crockery Disposable packaging Front cooking Cutlery, crockery, glasses Drink serving systems and accessories Insulated transport containers Meal trays Serviettes Food dispensing systems Food transport systems Food distribution systems Food and drink dispensers Cup and plate warmers Packaging and sealing systems Heat-control counters Juice presses Coffee machines Coffee grinders Complete units/systems Table tops coffee roaster Tea-brewing appliances and accessories Installations Information and billing systems Advertising systems/displays Construction technology, furnishings and equipment Ceiling and wall systems Extractor hoods and ventilation technology Grease traps Fire extinguishing equipment Food lighting Flooring Air purification/disinfection Decoration/advertising Furnishings for hospitality catering Equipment for outdoor catering Sales carts Gastromobiles Services and concepts Sales promotion and advertising Services for the external catering market Franchise systems HACCP consulting Food and beverages for the food service and catering market General provisions and staple foods Dried cereal, starch or nut products Canned food Ready-meals and soup products Delicatessen sauces and seasonings Dried fruit and vegetables Oils and fats Confectionery and snack products Frozen fruit and vegetables Frozen meat Frozen seafood and fish Frozen ready-meals Frozen cakes and baked goods Ice cream Frozen dairy products Raw materials and auxiliary agents for frozen products Meat (unprocessed) Meat products Prerserves containing meat Meat-based convenience foods Raw materials and auxiliary agents for butchers Sliced fruit and vegetables Fresh fruit and vegetables Delicatessen salads Fish, shellfisch and seafood Fresh side dishes / ingredients Fresh ready-meals Raw materials and auxiliary agents for chilled & fresh food Other chilled & fresh food products Milk and dairy products Cream and cream products Cheese Butter Desserts Dried milk products Fruit preparations/ingredients/staple foods/auxiliary agents Eggs and egg products Lactose-free milk and dairy products Bread (fresh, frozen, semi-baked) Small baked goods Long-life baked goods Spreads Hot beverages Staple foods/ingredients/auxiliary agents for the baked goods industry Soft drinks Beer and mixed beer drinks Wine and sparking wine Spirits Raw materials, reagents and additives Organic delicatessen products, gourmet food, staple foods and health food Oragnic frozen food Organic meat, sausage, game and poultry Organic fresh convenience foods and fish products Organic milk and dairy products Organic bread,baked goods, spreads and hot beverages Organic drinks Fine baked goods Technology and services for the retail tradeShop fittings and equipment Lighting technology Equipment for bakeries Shopping trolleys Equipment for butchers Interior furnishings Check-outs Complete solutions for the food retail trade Store fittings Individual shop-construction furniture Security technology Sales counters Rack systems/shelving systems/glass cases Slicing machinery Refrigeration technology Refrigeration and freezing counters Refrigeration and freezing cabinets Refrigeration and freezing units Refrigeration furniture Disposal/return/cleaning Waste-disposal technology Cleaning devices and machinery Systems for returning reusable containers Communications and IT Labelling devices and machinery Stickers/price labels Till systems Mobile data collection/wireless communication Software solutions for the trade Thermometers Weighing technology Payment systems/customer cards Sales vehicles Sales vehicles Sales trailer Associations, organisations, trade press, services, ITServices, IT Franchise systems HACCP consulting Internet services / Products for the food processing industry, Products for the food service and catering market, Products for the wholesale and retail food trade

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